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I read the ebook “Domaining Manifesto” today written by John Motson of DNxpert.com. I would recommend this domaining ebook to anyone who is interested and serious about making money from buying and selling domain names.

Domaining Manifesto tells you everything you need to know about domaining, taking you from the basics of registering and parking your domains, to the skills required to negotiate sales and purchases. Tricks of the trade and secrets only known to pro domainers are exposed, and John provides readers with the resources and tools unknown to the novice domainer.

Whether you are new to domaining, or have been doing it for a while, Domaining Manifesto provides a step by step guide to successfully develop your knowledge and skills in order to make money from trading domain names.

This is a must have resources for any domainer. Everything you need to know is a 86 page ebook, meaning you won’t have to search for hours looking for all of this information.

You can get the ebook from domainingmanifesto.com for $27, which also includes a copy of Domain Alarm software worth $19 and subscription to expired domain name list provided by DNxpert.

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For beneficial internet marketing, everything needs to be perfect, from the web site hosting to the domain names as well as the method of advertising employed.

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