Back in 1998…

In 1998 while I was still at high school, I was involved in a global web design contest. Each team was made up of 3 schools in 3 different locations around the world. It was truly a global project, collaborating with team members all over the world, in different timezones, and using 1990’s technology.

From memory we used video conferencing software called CUSeeMe to talk to our team members, which in 1998 was nowhere near as advanced as it is today. I think we even used a dial up Internet connection. Other methods of collaborating were forums and emails.

In total I was part of the contest 3 years in a row. In 1998 we didn’t place, in 1999 we came third in our group and in 2000 we won. The winning prize including a trip to Hong Kong.

Looking back on the website that won, it was the years before Flash, CSS, XML, CMS software and I don’t even think we used Dreamweaver. We used a HTML editor called Adobe PageMill, which was later replaced by Dreamweaver after Adobe brought Macromedia. The site was mostly pure HTML and JavaScript.

I tried to find the winning site, but I think it may have been taken down.

The video below was filmed by our Chris Betcher who was the teacher who headed up our teamIn it we discuss what it is like working together as a team, collaboration and technology. Check it out….

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