Back in 1998…

In 1998 while I was still at high school, I was involved in a global web design contest. Each team was made up of 3 schools in 3 different locations around the world. It was truly a global project, collaborating with team members all over the world, in different timezones, and using 1990’s technology. From […]

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Vote for the Best BuddyPress Theme

As of today, all submissions to the BuddyPress Theme Contest have been uploaded to Free BuddyPress Themes and voting as begun. Voting will be open for the next 2 weeks which after the winners will be annouced. Thanks for everyone who entered the theme contest – there weren’t as many entries as we had have […]

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BuddyPress Theme Contest: Final Week

Just a reminder that this Saturday is the final day that you can submit your BuddyPress Themes to the contest over at Free BuddyPress Themes. After Saturday the pubic will vote for the best themes with the winners being announced on June 15. The winners will receive 12 months FREE WPMU DEV Premium membership (valued […]

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BuddyPress Theme Contest

Looking at my search engines stats, you are probably here becuase you searched for “BuddyPress Themes” or something similar, so I am taking this opportunity to remind you about the BuddyPress Theme Contest that is currently running. Thanks to WPMU DEV Premium, we are offering you the chance win 12 months premium membership valued at […]

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Wednesday Ramblings

I have extended the BuddyPress Theme Contest by a month. Submissions now must be in by May 7 instead of April 7. This gives everyone extra time to develop a nice looking theme! Checkout the first ever Free BuddyPress Themes Contest! My PageRank for is back down to 0 for some reason. It was […]

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Domain Name Change

I have had to change the Free BuddyPress Themes in order to comply with the WordPress policy that advises people not to register domain names with the word “WordPress” in it. I am assuming that because BuddyPress is part of the same company that develop WordPress that the policy is going to be the same. […]

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First Ever BuddyPress Theme Contest is proud to announce the first ever BuddyPress theme contest! In order to encourage theme designers to start developing BuddyPress themes, we thought we would give you the chance to design either a home or member theme and win a great prize. Thanks to WPMU DEV Premium, we are offering you the chance win […]

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Something Big Is Coming..

Stay tuned for more details…

Analysis of Contest #1

So my first ever contest has been run and won, with BBx ending up being the first ever winner on! Congratulations once again – hopefully in a few years you can look back and say “wow I won his first ever contest and now look where he is!” There was a hidden agenda to […]

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The Results Are In!

It is time for me to choose the winner of my first contest! Five people have entered the contest which is great, thanks to all of you who entered. To decide the winner I have given each entry a number based on the order they entered the contest. The list is as below. Don Rankin […]

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