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One Year On…

In the distraction that was last week I missed the first anniversary of! I remembered sometime in March that it was coming up, but I lost track of time with the recent server issues and then the new server configuration over the weekend. In March 2008 I created this site to blog about my travels, […]

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Building an Online Business can be Frustrating

Let’s face it. It’s no fun building a successful online biz. Many late nights Endless testing Frustration Even lost money, time At the end of the day, you often find yourself running in circles trying desperately to find something that works. Your goal might be $10 per day, $100 or even $1000 per day. But, […]

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Fantastic February

The past few months have been tough at, with hits and revenue being very slow since October last year. We had a great month in September and for some reason it went downhill in October and November and has been slowly recovering since. I am happy to say that even though February is a […]

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Building Content & Getting Hits

I have taken a step back lately from the making money aspect of this blog. If you have been visiting here for a while you’ll probably notice that I haven’t done my monthly earnings report for the past two months or so – and not only becuase I am not making much money! I thought it would […]

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Chasing the Dream

When I first started blogging about 9 months ago, it was an experiment to see if it was possible to make money from the Internet. I can confirm that it IS possible to make money online, however whether you can make enough money to support your lifestyle is another thing all together. However, when I […]

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Weird Stats

I had a quick look at my stats a few minutes ago and noticed something weird. Normally I can expect the same everyday, with some growth week to week- however I was not expecting this… I had a look at the referrers and it doesn’t seem any more than normal so I cannot explain this […]

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Advertise on!

I made a few changes to the “Advertise” page over the weekend so I thought it would be a good time to give it a bit of a plug! Why not advertise on Check out your options here. You can also donate to the blog if you think haven’t got anything to advertise. Just […]

Goals for 2009

I have spent the past few days thinking of what I want out of this blog in 2009. I think it is important to set yourself some goals for your website or blog, especially if you want it to grow and eventually start earning an income from it. The original “Project Blogger” plan was to […]

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December Looking Better!

The past two months have been tough for After a great September, traffic started to head south in October and got even worse in November. However I am pleased to say that December is looking better! So far hits have surpassed November and slowing catching October, however with the holiday season and Christmas around […]

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November Report: Hits Down, Revenue Up

November was an interesting month for I was away for most of the month meaning that I did not get a chance to blog as much as I would have liked. However, although hits were down for the month, it was the best month yet in terms of revenue. Traffic There is not too […]

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