Renew or Drop?

It has been a while since I blogged about domaining. Ever since NameSeek was acquired by Pacific Octane I have not been doing as much reading and research as I once did, and I have not brought a domain name since June 2008. I have a bunch of domain names that are due to expire […]

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DNXpert Premium Expired Domain Forum

The DNXpert Premium Expired Domain Forum is a completely unique expired domain service presenting Premium subscribers with hand picked, keyword rich, premium expired domain names at minimum cost – it is literally a domaining gold mine. People unaware of the potential represented by the DNXpert Premium Expired Domain forum are missing out on the chance […]

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Are .NET.AU’s Worthless?

There has been a lot of discussion over the past few days over the quality of .AU domain names being listed for sale at the various .AU marketplaces. The .NET.AU extension has particularly been slated on online blogs, forums and even the aftermarkets themselves. I tend to disagree with the comments being generated on these […]

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Competition Heats Up

In the past few weeks alot more Australian’s are realising the potential in capitalising in on the Australian domain name market and alot more domainers and webmasters are noticed that demand is starting to increase. was first domain name aftermarket that offered Australian’s a place to trade their domain names. I caught on early […]

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A Must for All Domainers

I read the ebook “Domaining Manifesto” today written by John Motson of I would recommend this domaining ebook to anyone who is interested and serious about making money from buying and selling domain names. Domaining Manifesto tells you everything you need to know about domaining, taking you from the basics of registering and parking […]

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