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Spam: This is your Final Notice of Domain Listing

I received an interesting e-mail over the weekend telling me to “send in your registration and save”. Apparently if I don’t send them some money no one will be able to find me on the web! It is clearly spam so here is a copy of the e-mail. There doesn’t seem to be too much […]

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Engaged to Google

Last month I posted that I had been accepted into the Google Engage program and was about to start watching some videos about how it all works and how I can help small businesses use Google Adwords. Well, I have completed 74mins and 18seconds worth of “basic training” and have unlocked 20 $75 Adwords coupons to use with […]

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Google Engage Program

Late 2010 Google launched a new program called Google Engage. The program was designed to provide digital agencies and freelancers with training and incentives to help small to medium sized businesses succeed online in the way of online advertising – namely Google AdWords. I applied for the program in November and got accepted. I am yet […]

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Benefits of Using Twitter

Over the past few months I have been using Twitter more and more. The more I use it, the more I realise that it is so much more than just another social networking tool. Many people just use it as a way to communicate with others, and for others it is fast becoming an important […]

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Don’t Be Shy

Promoting a new blog can be a frustrating experience. There are plenty of free ways to market your new site, but unless it is ground breaking, it is very hard to get solid traffic fast. There is no magic way to bring in the numbers, however there is something that I figured out recently that […]

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People to Follow on Twitter

I am addicted to Twitter! There, I said it. Initially I thought it was going to be another waste of time and something else to throw into the “sign up to and never use” bin. How wrong I was. I joined in June 2008 and then didn’t use it for a while, but in the […]

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Are You Addicted to Twitter?

I signed up to Twitter in June last year and have only started to really us it in the last month or so. The first time I signed up I thought “this isn’t bad”, found a few followers and then didn’t log into it for a few months. In the last month or so I […]

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Goodbye Entrecard?

I am thinking of removing the Entrecard widget on this blog as it is not doing much in way of traffic these days. When the blog was new it was a great way to bring in some traffic, but now I think the blog is doing well enough to survive on its own. I get […]

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Things to Do When Creating a New Site

I have created a few websites and blogs over the years and each time I tend to do exactly the same things in terms of setup, design and marketing. In the early stages of creating a new site, each site is pretty much the same no matter what kind of content you are going to […]

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My First “How to” Guide

Off the back of my previous post, and over the next few posts I am going to attempt to educate the newbie’s among us. I have been telling friends, family and work colleagues about blogging and I constantly get asked, “Why blog?”, “How do I start a blog?”, “What should I blog about?” and the […]

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