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Last week I signed up to Australia’s largest affiliate marketing network – Commission Monster. I decided to go with an Aussie network this time as the ads I could choose are more selected and specific to my audience – Australian’s.

As my primary website is an Australian Domain Name Aftermarket, I thought if I want to make any money via advertising I should probably find some ads that my users would actually click on. Don’t get me wrong, the MarketLeverage ads are very good however are mostly specific to the USA and Canada, with only about 30 ads or so for the rest of the world including Australia.

The selecting of ads to choose from is fantastic. From ANZ to AMEX to Vodafone, and many many more. Alot of the bigger companies require you to submit your website for approval before you can show their ad on your site, though the majority are there for your choosing.

Signing up to the network was painless. Just a quick form to fill out and then I received an e-mail the next day confirming my application. Unlike MarketLeverage, CM don’t give you an account manager – however help is there if it is needed.

The user administration is fairly easy to use, with the ability to select the ads by categories, campaign, banner size and region. Statistics can be sorted by today, yesterday, week, month, quarter, year or you can just select your own period. You can also sort your ads per campaign.

I have 3 or 4 ads on Nameseek. Hits are good, however I am still yet to make my first sale. I will stick with the ads I have on the site for the moment to see how they perform over the next week or two. I think it takes a few weeks to figure out what your audience is interested in. Once I find that out, I will be able to select my campaigns a bit more specific to what my users are going to click on.

So why don’t you sign up for a free affiliate account and monetise your traffic with Commission Monster`s affiliate network

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