Competition Heats Up

In the past few weeks alot more Australian’s are realising the potential in capitalising in on the Australian domain name market and alot more domainers and webmasters are noticed that demand is starting to increase. was first domain name aftermarket that offered Australian’s a place to trade their domain names. I caught on early and the site was in developing a few weeks before the policy was due to change on June 1.

In the past 7 weeks a number of other websites have come along offering a service that is pretty similar to Nameseek. I think their results have been fairly similar to Nameseek, and their marketing doesn’t seem to be any different either.

Out of the 5 or 6 websites that now exist, I only considering one of them a threat to Nameseek – and for obvious reasons I won’t mention the name of the site here, but if there are any Aussie domainers out there you will know who I am talking about.

I think this website is a bit ahead of Nameseek at the moment. Nameseek relies on users submitting their domains for sale, and users bidding on those domains. This other website came online with 1500 .au domain names, which they own.

Competition is heating up, which I knew it would. There was no way Nameseek was going to be the only website selling .AU domains, and now domain registrars are catching on and are going to start selling their expired and dropped domains. I even was approached by a fairly large Internet company asking if I would help them – due to me being out of the country it wouldn’t work for both of us.

So as competition heats up it will be interesting to see how Nameseek performs. Hits have not been affected since these new websites have come along, though I would like domains listing and more people bidding.

I am not going to let the site run itself just yet. I am looking at ways to market the site and create awareness about the .AU domain market in general. I will be looking at adding a number of features to the site over the coming weeks, so we shall see if that makes any difference.

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