DanielFelice.com Reaches First Milestone!

After nearly 6 months since I started this blog I have finally reached a fairly important milestone – well actually two milestones in the same week!

Not only is this the 100th post to be published on danielfelice.com, but as of today danielfelice.com has a Google PageRank of 2!

It has been a long and hard 6 months and I have to be honest and tell you that I have thought about giving up and just forget about this whole thing. Over the weekend I was contemplating taking the blog down, however whenever I seem to have these thoughts something like this happens and it keeps me inspired.

I normally check my Google PageRank every month or so and up until now it has always been zero. I was surprised to see it at 2 today so I have to check a few different websites who offer the service just to make sure I wasn’t being fooled.

So after checking the PageRank I decided to head over to Alexa and check my traffic ranking. For the first time the site has ranked below 1,000,000 at 827,46. The site is ranked even better in Australia (26,020), Philippines (97,758) and even the Untied States (609,886).

I think for a webmaster and blogger seeing these types of figures helps boost the confidence and keeps me from giving up. Some days I wonder if this is worth maintaining and putting effort into, however as the old saying goes “you have to be in it to win it”.

Looking back at the past 100 posts I have dramatically improve my style of writing. When I look back at some of the early posts I cringe and wonder what the hell I was thinking. Although this is an online journey I think it has taught me a few things about myself – perseverance being number one.

Thanks for all the support over the past 6 months or so, and thanks for helping me get to 100 posts and a PageRank of 2!

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