Don’t Be Shy

Promoting a new blog can be a frustrating experience. There are plenty of free ways to market your new site, but unless it is ground breaking, it is very hard to get solid traffic fast.

There is no magic way to bring in the numbers, however there is something that I figured out recently that can help you on your way to increasing traffic and giving your blog exposure to a wider audience.

So you have tried forums, posted comments on other blogs, added your posts to StumpleUpon and Digg, joined Entrecard, and created a contest, but you still are not getting the amount of traffic that you are hoping for.

Have you thought about approaching other sites and asking to exchange links or write a guest post? I have – but at the time I thought that my blog wasn’t “worthy” enough to be featured on someone else’s website. I didn’t think that other bloggers would think that my posts were good enough, or that my theme wasn’t professional enough looking, or that I didn’t have a clue what I was talking about – so I didn’t.

In the past month or so, I have had a few other bloggers come to me and ask for links to be exchanged, and I even had one blogger ask me to write a guest post on their blog, so I thought that I must be at the point where I can start asking other bloggers to  swap links with. If other bloggers are asking me to assist them, then I must be at that point where I can start asking people for some help in driving traffic to this blog, and my other sites.

I have learnt that it is much easier than I first thought it would be. Of all the people I have asked for links and a mention on their blog, no one has yet turned me down. It only takes a few minutes to write an email and send it, and it in those few minutes you can attract possibility hundreds of new visitors to your blog.

So don’t be shy, meet some new bloggers and just ask! All they can say is no! Try to remember one thing – every blogger was new once, and they went through exactly the same frustration that you are going through now, so most of the time they understand what you are trying to achieve and will offer their knowledge and help – all you have to do is ask.

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