Faking It

I have been recently been thinking about why we trust top bloggers such as John Chow, Shoemoney and the like. These guys have been telling us for years how much money they have made online, showing us their Google payments, posting how much they made from affiliate marketing and telling you how you can do the same.

What is it about these guys that makes us instantly believe what they are telling us? I know when I first starting blogging I was motivated by reading other peoples success stories. I was curious about making money online.  These guys told me how much money they were making, so I wanted to do the same and I believed them – there was no reason not to.

They told me what I wanted to hear, they showed me photos with them holding massive towers of cash. The “proof” was there.

Millions of people visit make money online websites daily to get the latest news, tips and tricks and see what their latest schemes entail. Millions of people also believe that these same people are making hundreds of thousands dollars a year blogging, developing websites, running contests and whatever else they do – and I am not doubting that they do and are successful.

However, aside from then telling us how they do it, posing with Google cheques and posting about how much money they make each month, why do we believe what they say and trust that they are telling us the truth?

If your friend tells you “I made $20,000 yesterday” would you believe him with asking for proof? At least they could show you the expensive car they brought, new kitchen, new laptop, massive 6 burner barbecue or whatever else they brought with the money they made.

If I told you I made $10,000 today from affiliate marketing would you believe me? I could edit someone else’s cheque in Photoshop and post it online, or create a new blog with the headline “How I made $10,000 in 24 hours”. I could take a screenshot of my affiliate reports and edit the figures in Photoshop. It would be very believable wouldn’t it? Why would you doubt me?

I bet if I did the above my hits would massively increase and everyone would flock to my blog to get my advice. I would be “the next online millionaire” overnight – and it all would be a lie, but who are you to doubt me? You have no proof that what I say isn’t true do you?

So why do you have so much trust in MMO bloggers? I am curious to know…

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