Goodbye Entrecard?

I am thinking of removing the Entrecard widget on this blog as it is not doing much in way of traffic these days. When the blog was new it was a great way to bring in some traffic, but now I think the blog is doing well enough to survive on its own.

I get a handful of hits per week from Entrecard, and those users do visit the blog from Entrecard just drop their card and move on to the next site anyway – so the traffic isn’t traffic that is going to keep on coming back.

I think Entrecard is great for new blogs and for bloggers who want to bring in easy traffic. In the early days most of my traffic was from Entrecard but now as the blog has gathered a bit of pace and is doing well in the search engines I reckon only about 5% of my monthly hits actually come from via Entrecard.

It takes a bit of work to drop cards and get credits so you can advertise on other blogs, and this does not always convert into hits. When I do campaign I might get a small increase in traffic for that day but then the next day I am back to normal.

I rather good traffic – people who read my content and want to come back. Entrecard users just come here to drop their card so they can increase their credits, so my content isn’t really being read.

I think I’ll remove the widget sometime this week!

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