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The more I concentrate on my internet projects, make money online and read about internet business success stories, the more I want to become a part of the internet lifestyle. Basically – I do not want to work a 9 – 5 job forever and I want the flexibility to “live” life and make money to support my lifestyle.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to work for myself. I never wanted to be a small, tiny, non-existent employee apart of a massive global corporate world where people who are out of touch with reality make decisions that affect thousands of people – and that is what I am at the moment, just another replaceable employee working for a large firm.

I am not much of a risk taker when it comes to money, so I wouldn’t be the type to naturally just resign from my job and attempt to start an internet business without making sure I was generating enough income to survive before I left my job.

However – I am moving back to Australia in a few months and will obviously need to leave my job in Ireland to return home, so really it is a great excuse to attempt to build an internet business in the months leading up to my relocation and then concentrate on it once I return to Sydney and start to look for a job. If I am successful, then I can hold off looking for a job, and if not, then back to working 8 hours a day.

I am under no illusions of how difficult it will be starting my own internet based business – but at the same time I have had some luck with it in recent months. For one example, I have a number of freelance jobs in the next month that would make me enough money to survive on if I didn’t have my full time job wage.

To begin with, 8 hour days will seem like a dream compared to the hours that I will need to put in to make this successful. But in saying that, as I am working for myself, and with the time zone difference in Australia compared the rest of the world I can pretty much make up my own hours and decide when I want to work. Most of my freelance work so far has been in America and the UK, so being in Australia I can be more flexible with my time – and does “time” exist on the internet?

The reason for me wanting to be my own boss is so that I can do what I want, when I want. I could work anywhere in the world for months at the time, and still make the same amount of money. I can take a holiday whenever I want and still make money, I can sleep and still make money. Between freelance work and my online projects, I could make money 24 hours a day.

It sounds easy doesn’t it? To begin with I doubt it is going to be very easy. For a few years at least (unless I come across that million dollar idea pretty fast) I will be working my heart out trying to make this work – and it might fail. But I need to try. If it works and I am successful then that is my dream realised, if not then I always have my IT career to fall back on and that really isn’t so bad either.

So – the big question I need to ask myself is – should I concentrate on my online future between now until August when I go back to Australia, or should I start looking for a job now?

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