My Digital Footprint

I am planning to head back to Australia in a few months and will be applying for jobs in the IT industry. I have been updating my CV with all my qualifications and all that sort of stuff to make me look good to a potential employer.

I was wondering what they might find if they Googled me and how it might influence their decision. I think this would be a fairly standard practice in this day and age and rightly so.

I decided to type “Daniel Felice” into Google and here are some of the results in the order of ranking (and that are of actually me):

They are all the results that relate to me on the first 3 pages – and I don’t think anyone would look beyond page 3, if that far.

There isn’t anything too incriminating there so I think I am safe – but I wonder to what extend an employer would base Google results in weighing up potential employees. Could someone’s digital footprint cost them a job?

Anything that is put up on the internet is there for years and years to come and these results will increasingly influence potential job offers so be careful what you do on the internet. I don’t mean lewd videos and dirty photos, it could be more general things like comments on social networking websites or photos of nights out.

What is your digital footprint?

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