NameSeek and Pacific Octane Join Forces

It was announced earlier this week that Pacific Octane have acquired my domain name aftermarket website The site has been up and running for 3 months now and is performing very well – getting stronger and stronger every week. There are currently over 2500 domain names listed on the website.

I think this is the best move for NameSeek if we want to be serious about making sure it survives and competes with the big boys. There are currently two other domain marketplaces competing with NameSeek and they both have serious backing from very influential businesses within the Australian domain name and web hosting industry, and then there was NameSeek with little old me.

I think I did very well considering NameSeek was a one man show up until now and these other marketplaces have industry experts behind them. We did compete and were seen as competition to both of these websites. The site still doesn’t have its first sale, but the other websites only have a handful so we are not that far behind.

It will be exciting times for NameSeek in the next few months with some changes planned. I have my own big ideas that Pacific Octane are keen on, and they have some that I think are great also. They have the industry knowledge and contacts that I lacked, so together I think we will be an unstoppable force.

NameSeek originally started as a small project of mine that I announced in May and now it has turned into a business venture that could easily be the start of a new career for me and also open up other doors within domaining and website development.

It is amazing what one small idea can turn into…

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