Nameseek Policy Change

I have decided to remove any commission charges from sales made at Nameseek. I think it is too early in the Australian domain name market to be charging for sales, and I think the site has been suffering a little due to the 10% commission charge on any sales.

The site is now free for users to sell their domains, however I have lowered the cost of a showcase domain to AUD$5. I think that is fairly reasonable is someone wants a little more exposure, and shortly I will be advertising the showcase domains on a few websites as part of the package.

Hits and listings are fairly solid at the moment, so I hope the removal of the commission charge will encourage more users to list their domains for sale.

Any costs for the site such as hosting and advertising will hopefully be covered by the revenue generated by the affiliate ads I have on the site. They have not done much as yet, so I will have to see what I can do to increase revenue. Google Adsense seem to be the better performing ads on the site at the moment.

The current showcase domains are: 0.00 Best offer 0.00 Best offer 55,000.00 65,000.00 3,899.00 6,299.00 0.00 Best offer 0.00 Best offer


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