November Report: Hits Down, Revenue Up

November was an interesting month for I was away for most of the month meaning that I did not get a chance to blog as much as I would have liked. However, although hits were down for the month, it was the best month yet in terms of revenue.


There is not too much to report here. November was officially the worst month of all time. Not only did I post just 5 times in November, I also didn’t do the normal social bookmarking “marketing” or promote the blog in any way.

Traffic sources still seem to be coming from the same places, and GoofBlogger, though most of the traffic is coming from search engines with top searches being “WordPress MU”, “BuddyPress” and “Create a social networking site using WordPress”.


 As mentioned earlier, November was the best month for revenue to date. I made over US$50 which is more than double the previous best. This is due to a few private ad sales which I sold for US$50. I made a few dollars from Google, however it revenue from Google has really slumped over the past few months.

Freebies4Webmasters has stopped paying me, even though they said they would continue to pay existing clients while they are working on their issues. I have yet to contact them about this, however I might just take down the banners and look for some more private ads.


So that was November! It was a bad month for traffic but a good month for revenue. I have not got any advertisers lined up for December so I don’t expect to get anywhere near the $52 I made in November, however you never know!

Since I have been blogging, has made over US$100. This has covered both my domain name and hosting expenses, so at the moment the blog is making a profit if you take out the time it takes me to create posts and respond to emails, as well as search for advertising.

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