BuddyPress Theme Contest: Final Week

Just a reminder that this Saturday is the final day that you can submit your BuddyPress Themes to the contest over at Free BuddyPress Themes. After Saturday the pubic will vote for the best themes with the winners being announced on June 15. The winners will receive 12 months FREE WPMU DEV Premium membership (valued […]

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Travelling with Technology

In a few months I am heading on a month long European trip with my girlfriend. While she is worried about how much she can fit in her backpack, I am worrying about how I am going travel with all the bits of technology that I plan on bringing with me. As we will blogging […]

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My To Do List

Do you ever have so many tasks in your head that you never write down and end up forgetting all the important ones? That always happens to me. Most of my best ideas fill my head when I am not sitting in front of my laptop, and normally in a place where I don’t have […]

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WordPress 2.8 Beta 1

Just when I thought testing and upgrades were going to slow down for a while, the new beta version of WordPress, 2.8, has been released for download. For those of you who like to keep up to date, then you can download and play around with the new version. I probably wouldn’t run it ona¬† […]

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Giving Something Back

When I first started blogging and running my own websites, I relied a lot on the communities built around the various services I was using for help. Take WordPress for example, I asked about 5000 questions on the forums, I asked questions on PHP forums, on IT related forums. I pretty much taught myself everything […]

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BuddyPress Theme Contest

Looking at my search engines stats, you are probably here becuase you searched for “BuddyPress Themes” or something similar, so I am taking this opportunity to remind you about the BuddyPress Theme Contest that is currently running. Thanks to WPMU DEV Premium, we are offering you the chance win 12 months premium membership valued at […]

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I have decided to start to advertise my services to attract some web work. I have been doing more and more WordPress/BuddyPress work in recent weeks and it is something that I would like to do more of. I have been getting a lot of work from word of mouth through the BuddyPress website, and […]

Need Help with BuddyPress?

If you need a hand with installing BuddyPress and WPMU, contact me! My rates are very reasonable and fair, and I have done it plenty of times!

BuddyPress Theme Contest Relaunched

Last week I decided to hold off on the BuddyPress Theme Contest until BuddyPress v1.0 was released just in case there were any last minute changes which might mean some themes would not work with BP. Well today BP 1.0 was officially released so the Free BuddyPress Themes contest will resume. Here is how the […]

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BuddyPress v1.0 Has Arrived!

The first official version of BuddyPress was released earlier today! After a year of development, Andy Peatling and the BuddyPress team have officially released the very first stable version of the WordPress MU plugin that turns your blog into a social community. This is the first of many versions to coming – with status updates […]

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