So Why Can’t I?

I have been off work the last few days, watching crappy day time TV and surfing the net. Lately I have been reading a bit about making money on the internet using blogs and buying/selling domain names.

I have been using the internet since I was about 14. I created my first website by 15. It was called “F1: Fast and Furious”, inspired by the Australian Formula 1 race I attended in March 1997. The website was fairly basic and contained F1 news, results and photos.

After running that site for about a year or so, I designed a few web sites for various companies and a few other personal sites. In 2001 I created another F1 site with a friend who owned a motorsport retail shop ( The site was very time consuming, providing news (sourced and written by myself), reviews, results, photos and even live timing. Since I ended working on that site at the end of the 2003 F1 season, I have not done much in terms of running web sites. I still design a few sites a year and try to keep up to date.

After reading about the people who created blog sites and now are making enough money to support themselves, I thought I might try it out, afterall, how hard can it be? If a 16 year old English kid can make “hundreds of thousands of pounds”, why can’t I?

So here goes. In the next few weeks I’ll be designing a new blog site (to replace this one), finding some advertising, networking with other “bloggers” and trying to build my online empire.

The long term plan? By the end of year I want to generate this blog into a revenue earning site. I don’t expect to earn enough money to support myself on this alone, though some extra cash wouldn’t hurt anyone, right?

So stay tuned as I blog the experience of trying to create something out of nothing, trying to turn a blog, which currently has 1 hit and earns $0, into something that will add a few more $$ to my bank account….


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