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I’ve been streaming television content from the US and UK for about three years now. In those three years I have only ever used the same VPN provider and until now have been happy enough with it. I paid my $55 per year, chose my server and connected to my VPN, allowing me to watch Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Channel 4 and more. There have been a few issues with it over the years but I guess that is expected.

This week I have been testing StreamingVPN as an alternative to what I have been using for the past few years. StreamingVPN claim that they have the “fastest speeds” and “30-second setup”. I put this to the test and was pretty impressed with the results.

After signing up and signing into my account, I downloaded the StreamingVPN client. Once the small Windows VPN client was downloaded, I opened it and within about 20 seconds it was installed and ready to go. Pretty quick!

I connected to one of the US server and went straight to to compare the speeds to my current VPN. This test will depend on a few factors so it is going to be different for everyone so it is best you do your own.

The StreamingVPN speedtest download speed was 4.99MB compared to my current (now old) VPN of 2.61MB. Nearly DOUBLE the speed! Before I have streamed anything, both the claims that StreamingVPN are making are true.

I opened up Hulu and watched the latest episode of my favourite show. Compared to the VPN I have been using I noticed the quality of the video was immediately clearer. I have never had  an issue with buffering previously and didn’t while testing StreamingVPN.

I checked the video quality settings and it was set to “auto”. I changed it to High (1MB) and the quality was the same. I switched back to my other VPN, kept the quality setting at high and it was choppy and unwatchable. Medium (700Kbps) seemed allow me to watch it without buffering but the quality was rubbish – even though I had been watching it like that for 3 years!

I reconnected, this time using a UK server so I could test Channel 4 (4oD). I usually have issues watching content from Channel 4 so I was interested to see how it performed using StreamingVPN. During a 30min show it would usually stop to buffer 2 or 3 times so this was the ultimate test!

There was a new episode of Grand Designs available to watch so I got comfortable and started the show. Once again straight away the quality was an improvement. It wasn’t as noticeable as Hulu, but it was better. I was waiting for the show to stop and buffer as that is what I had been used to for a while now, however I managed to get through the entire show without it stopping once.

Due to the faster speeds of StreamingVPN, the video quality was a massive improvement from what I had been used to so based on that alone I will be switching over permanently. I am pretty impressed with StreamingVPN so far and wish I had changed sooner. The client makes it easy to connect and switch between different locations. The video quality is crisp and clear (this may be dependant on your Internet connection) and for me anyway, streams at the highest quality available.

So based on that, I’d recommend it. Sign up here…

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