Strong Start

A week has past since I Nameseek went live and so far it has been a decent start. Hits have been fairly strong considering it is a new site. I think word is slowly starting to spread around the webmaster community, however we only have a few listsings at the moment, with the latest one going up today.

Over the past week we have had nearly 1000 hits which is not to bad in its first week. Every day the hits are more and more and users seem to be browsing most of the site. The audience isn’t specific to Australian users, with about 30% coming from the North America.

I think it will take a while to get word out that you can now actually sell .AU domain names so it might take a while. There is also a requirement from the AUDA that names must be at least 6 months old before you can sell them, so I am guessing alot of people will register a few names in the coming weeks and then sit on them for a while until they can sell.

There still does not seem to be another domain marketplace for the .AU out there as yet, however I have noticed a few on eBay over the past few days. I am tempted to sell an few “deals” on eBay to generate some more awareness, so keep an eye out for that.

I have played with the layout over the weekend and made a few small changes. I have also teamed up with who will show our 468 x 60 banner in return for us showing theirs. I think it is an easy and effective way of getting some free advertising as both our audience will be very similar.

I setup a Google Adword account during the week also. This has brought in about 30 hits or so, however the ad has been shown on about 100,000 searche. The click through rate isn’t great, but it is a start. I started with a small budget of AUD$30 and will monitor how it goes over the next month and might increase it if I am getting results.

So all in all it has been fairly OK in its first week. Now it is just making that first sale!

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