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Choosing Affiliate Ads for Your Blog: Part 2

For those of you who read “Choosing Affiliate Ads for Your Blog” I wrote last week, I have just had another idea so I have created this post as an add on. For those of you who haven’t read it, then read it before you read this one so it all makes sense. As you […]

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First Affiliate Sale!

After my post yesterday, it really does seem that hard work is paying off! I checked my e-mail this morning and got notification that I have made my first sale from my blog! I made US$13.50 from one of my affiliate ads over night, and along with Google Adsense being fairly decent this month already, […]

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The Journey So Far

Over the past two days I have continued to research the best way of going about trying to make this┬áblog successful. There are alot of other blogs all over the internet that try to explain the best way of getting hits and making money – and most of┬áthem contradict each other. I guess it depends […]

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