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Engaged to Google

Last month I posted that I had been accepted into the Google Engage program and was about to start watching some videos about how it all works and how I can help small businesses use Google Adwords. Well, I have completed 74mins and 18seconds worth of “basic training” and have unlocked 20 $75 Adwords coupons to use with […]

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Watching Hulu in Australia

By now most people have heard of Hulu, and most non-tech-savvy Australian’s know that they are unable to watch it. There has been speculation that it is coming to Australia soon, but we have been hearing about it for over a year and nothing seems to be definite. Even if it does arrive one day, […]

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Google Nexus One in Australia

As usual, living in Australia means that we are the last country to receive anything. It has been better in recent years with regards to television and movies, but technology still seems to take at least 3-4 months if not more to catch up with the rest of the world. Living in Ireland, they were […]

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Competition Heats Up

In the past few weeks alot more Australian’s are realising the potential in capitalising in on the Australian domain name market and alot more domainers and webmasters are noticed that demand is starting to increase. was first domain name aftermarket that offered Australian’s a place to trade their domain names. I caught on early […]

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Commission Monster

Last week I signed up to Australia’s largest affiliate marketing network – Commission Monster. I decided to go with an Aussie network this time as the ads I could choose are more selected and specific to my audience – Australian’s. As my primary website is an Australian Domain Name Aftermarket, I thought if I want to […]

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My New Project

Over the past few weeks I have been working my new internet project. Earlier this year it was announced that the Australian Domain Name Administrator would be allowing the sale of the .au domain names for the first time. Having been buying and trying to sell .com domain names for a while I thought it […]

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