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Are .NET.AU’s Worthless?

There has been a lot of discussion over the past few days over the quality of .AU domain names being listed for sale at the various .AU marketplaces. The .NET.AU extension has particularly been slated on online blogs, forums and even the aftermarkets themselves. I tend to disagree with the comments being generated on these […]

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My New Project

Over the past few weeks I have been working my new internet project. Earlier this year it was announced that the Australian Domain Name Administrator would be allowing the sale of the .au domain names for the first time. Having been buying and trying to sell .com domain names for a while I thought it […]

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The Need for a Name

Last weekend I saw an news story on the buying the selling of domain names. The article basically was explaining that in the mid 90’s domains such as and were sold for mutli millions of dollars to the respective news agencies. Immediately after watching the story, I picked up the laptop and typed […]

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