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Goodbye Entrecard?

I am thinking of removing the Entrecard widget on this blog as it is not doing much in way of traffic these days. When the blog was new it was a great way to bring in some traffic, but now I think the blog is doing well enough to survive on its own. I get […]

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Entrecard Creates Misleading Hits

I originally signed up to Entrecard when I first went live with this blog as I had heard alot about it and it seemed like a good idea to promote my new site. For those of you who don’t know what Entrecard is, check out my earlier post here. The concept it very good, and […]

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The Journey So Far

Over the past two days I have continued to research the best way of going about trying to make this┬áblog successful. There are alot of other blogs all over the internet that try to explain the best way of getting hits and making money – and most of┬áthem contradict each other. I guess it depends […]

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