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A Bit Quiet…

I have been a bit quiet lately – not much blogging has been happening! This is because I have been flat out with a few freelance projects, and getting organised for my 40 day tour of Europe before I head back home to Australia after spending the last 3 years in Ireland. It is a […]

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Sneak Peek!

I don’t normally do this – but I will for those interested in websites, blogs and WordPress. I have started to work on my new project “Explore With Me” and have decided to leave the site open so you can go in and have a look at the progress made while I am building it […]

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My New Project

I have been thinking for a while about starting another project in the wake of NameSeek. The success of my NameSeek project has inspired me to give it another go and hopefully something will become of it. Me and my girlfriend Ruth have decided to start a travel blog. We are planning a 3 month […]

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