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BuddyPress Theme Contest Relaunched

Last week I decided to hold off on the BuddyPress Theme Contest until BuddyPress v1.0 was released just in case there were any last minute changes which might mean some themes would not work with BP. Well today BP 1.0 was officially released so the Free BuddyPress Themes contest will resume. Here is how the […]

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When Does a Project End?

I am currently running 3 websites, all are WordPress based and all of them require effort and a few hours a week of work. I just finished v2 of Explore With Me and am very happy with it, but now it is time to give Free BuddyPress Themes a makeover. I was already thinking about […]

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Projects Update

Explore With Me Project Explore With Mewas launched in October 2008. Since then we have been testing and adding features to the site such as WordPress MU, BuddyPress, forums, various plugins, new themes and a whole lot more. The site is about 95% complete and we want to launch as soon as possible. I had […]

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Wanted: BuddyPress Themes

I launched “Free BuddyPress Themes” about a month ago and so far the uptake has been fairly slow. While hits have been fantastic, there are still only 3 themes available for download and two of those are the default themes that are packaged with BuddyPress, the third is the member theme that I modified for […]

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Introducing BuddyPress

BuddyPress 1.0 is due to be released on February 12…for those of you who have yet to see it and use it, then check out the below video. Will you be using BuddyPress?

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Projects Update

As many of you know I have a few projects that I am currently working on. Here is a quick update… Explore With Me: The site has been completed, BuddyPress Beta 1 is up and running, and members are joining at a steady rate. I am still saying that the site is not yet officially […]

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