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Goodbye Entrecard?

I am thinking of removing the Entrecard widget on this blog as it is not doing much in way of traffic these days. When the blog was new it was a great way to bring in some traffic, but now I think the blog is doing well enough to survive on its own. I get […]

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December Looking Better!

The past two months have been tough for After a great September, traffic started to head south in October and got even worse in November. However I am pleased to say that December is looking better! So far hits have surpassed November and slowing catching October, however with the holiday season and Christmas around […]

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Record Month for

It has been a record month for! My hits improved by over 100% and revenue grew by about 361% on last month. Hits have been constantly on the rise over the past month, rising day by day. Revenue is improving, and although a 361% increase sounds like a lot, it still really doesn’t equate […]

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Not as Easy as it Looks!

So the blog has been up for nearly two months now. Initially the blog was set up to keep track of me and the experiences of trying to make money online. Well, I have to admit, there hasn’t many experiences as I have not had the time or motivation as I would have liked. I […]

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Some Stats

I have been up and running for nearly a week now and actually have some traffic coming to this site! Over the past week I have submitted the site to Google and tried to advertise where ever I can get a free plug. The stats for the first week are as follows: 707 Pages Requests […]

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