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A Bit Quiet…

I have been a bit quiet lately – not much blogging has been happening! This is because I have been flat out with a few freelance projects, and getting organised for my 40 day tour of Europe before I head back home to Australia after spending the last 3 years in Ireland. It is a […]

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Faking It

I have been recently been thinking about why we trust top bloggers such as John Chow, Shoemoney and the like. These guys have been telling us for years how much money they have made online, showing us their Google payments, posting how much they made from affiliate marketing and telling you how you can do […]

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Ads for Niche Blogs

I have struggled to find some good advertising campaigns for this blog over the past 6 months that actually convert. Out of all of the ads on this site, only a few of them get clicks and even less convert into actual sales. I mentioned this in another post that the reason why I think […]

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