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Current NameSeek Showcase Domains

Domain name Min offer Asking 0.00 Best offer 0.00 Best offer 0.00 Best offer 0.00 Best offer 0.00 Best offer 0.00 Best offer 0.00 Best offer 0.00 Best offer 0.00 Best offer 0.00 Best offer 0.00 Best offer 0.00 Best offer 0.00 […]

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NameSeek Re-Design

If you have visited NameSeek in the last 12 hours you will have noticed a few changes to the site! I have finally got rid of that orange, designed a new logo and changed a few things around. The original site was put up over a weekend as I was having issues with the script […]

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Big Month for NameSeek

While NameSeek is doing fairly well in terms of hits and the amount of domains on the site, there is always room for improvement. I am not one to sit down and wait for things to happen, so in order to ensure the site goes from strength to strength I am going to make a […]

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July NameSeek Stats

July was an interesting month for NameSeek. Hits have continued to build on June and there were a lot of very nice high quality domain names added to the listings. There have been a few sites that have been launched in competition with NameSeek, however this has not seemed to had any effect on hits for the […]

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Nameseek Policy Change

I have decided to remove any commission charges from sales made at Nameseek. I think it is too early in the Australian domain name market to be charging for sales, and I think the site has been suffering a little due to the 10% commission charge on any sales. The site is now free for […]

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June Nameseek Stats

As the month of June draws to a close, it’s time to look over what was month number 1 for After a few months of planning, the website was finally launched on June 2 due to a few delays. Hits were decent all month, and to be honest it went alot better than I […]

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Nameseek Press Release

I wrote a press release over the weekend for Nameseek in order to try to generate some more interest and awareness. Press releases are a good way to spread the word about your website or product, and also depending on the way you distribute it, it could be picked up by some of the worlds largest […]

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Strong Start

A week has past since I Nameseek went live and so far it has been a decent start. Hits have been fairly strong considering it is a new site. I think word is slowly starting to spread around the webmaster community, however we only have a few listsings at the moment, with the latest one […]

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After a few months of developing, designing and testing, is finally up and running. It took a while to get the site how I wanted it. I ended up buying 5 different auction scripts, and didn’t like any of them. One of them was not too bad, and I would have used it, however […]

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As mentioned in the last post, I have been working on my new domain name auction website over the past few weeks – Nameseek. I am currently testing the script, and will aim to launch on June 1. You can visit the site at the moment as I have not locked it down while testing […]

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