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Weird Stats

I had a quick look at my stats a few minutes ago and noticed something weird. Normally I can expect the same everyday, with some growth week to week- however I was not expecting this… I had a look at the referrers and it doesn’t seem any more than normal so I cannot explain this […]

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Goodbye Entrecard?

I am thinking of removing the Entrecard widget on this blog as it is not doing much in way of traffic these days. When the blog was new it was a great way to bring in some traffic, but now I think the blog is doing well enough to survive on its own. I get […]

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December Looking Better!

The past two months have been tough for After a great September, traffic started to head south in October and got even worse in November. However I am pleased to say that December is looking better! So far hits have surpassed November and slowing catching October, however with the holiday season and Christmas around […]

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Tough October for

After such a great September it was always going to be a challenge to continue growing at that same rate in October. From the first day of the month things began to take a turn for the worse and that trend continued until the last week of October. Most of my attention over the month […]

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Up, Up and Away

It is that time of the month again! Another month has just ended and after a poor August, September bounced back with a bang! September was the best month has ever had in its short 5 month history. Traffic September was a massive 252% increase on August and 62% better than my best month […]

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What a Week!

This week has been absolutely fantastic for the blog in terms of growth. This has been building up for a while, but this week has blown away any expectations that I had for the week. I did not expect to reach this level for another few months. Traffic in the first half of this week […]

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Hits Down in August

As predicted, hits and revenue were down in August which is a bit disappointing after a great July. Hits were down about 40% and I put this down to the lack of posting this month. I was away for 12 days of the month which made it difficult to keep on top of things, so […]

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Do You Blog Everyday?

I was very consistent last month, managing to blog 28 times out of 31 days. This month was a slow start for me as I was away on holidays until August 5. I created some scheduled posts for the first two days of the month but then I did not blog again until the 5th […]

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Smart PageRank

I came across a website today that I think is a great resource for any webmaster – Smart PageRank. As you can guess by the name of the website, Smart PageRank tells you the PageRank of your domain name, or any other you choose to search on for that matter. Not only does it tell […]

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