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Adding Social Networking Buttons to Magento – Updated

Update: There has been a few updates to the code below, especially the Google Buzz code. ——- I have been building a magento based site over the past few months for a new project I am working on with Ruth. The end product will be an online food store that sell Australian Gourmet Foods. I spent […]

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Benefits of Using Twitter

Over the past few months I have been using Twitter more and more. The more I use it, the more I realise that it is so much more than just another social networking tool. Many people just use it as a way to communicate with others, and for others it is fast becoming an important […]

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How to Grow Your Business with Twitter

Everybody’s been talking about Twitter.  You can’t get through a newscast these days without someone mentioning Twitter or Tweets.  Barack Obama tweets.  But what exactly is this new social marketing tool, and how can you use it to grow your business?  Twitter is like a blog on a microscopic scale; instead of writing whole posts […]

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People to Follow on Twitter

I am addicted to Twitter! There, I said it. Initially I thought it was going to be another waste of time and something else to throw into the “sign up to and never use” bin. How wrong I was. I joined in June 2008 and then didn’t use it for a while, but in the […]

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Are You Addicted to Twitter?

I signed up to Twitter in June last year and have only started to really us it in the last month or so. The first time I signed up I thought “this isn’t bad”, found a few followers and then didn’t log into it for a few months. In the last month or so I […]

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Wednesday Ramblings

I know it’s an odd day to have a “ramblings” post, but I’ve never done one and have a few thoughts going through my head that I want in writing so I actually make sure they happen! Twitter: Been spending a lot of time in Twitter this week. Not sure why really, but for some […]

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Tweet Tweet

I have been resisting the tempation to create my own profile on Twitter over the past few months, however today I finally caved in. As a web designer, for some reason I am against all of these quick and easy fill out a form type websites – such as Facebook, Myspace, Bebo and the list seems to […]

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