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WordPress MU 2.8.1 & BuddyPress 1.0.2


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When Does a Project End?

I am currently running 3 websites, all are WordPress based and all of them require effort and a few hours a week of work. I just finished v2 of Explore With Me and am very happy with it, but now it is time to give Free BuddyPress Themes a makeover. I was already thinking about […]

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Free BuddyPress Themes

I started a new project last night – Free BuddyPress Themes. I came up with the idea on Tuesday so I registered a domain name, got some web hosting sorted out and then built the WordPress based site last night. The site is now up and running, however I do need to do a bit […]

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BuddyPress Beta Released

I mentioned a few months ago a WordPress MUplugin called BuddyPress. BuddyPress is a WordPress MU plugin that turns a standard WordPress MU installation in a social community. I have been using very early versions of the plugin at Explore With Me for the past two months or so, and today it was nice to […]

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I’m Back!

After a few weeks soaking up the sun in Australia I have returned to Dublin and am starting to get back into reality! Once I get over this jet-lag, things will start to return to normal and I can once again start to spend time on both and Considering I have not blogged […]

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Working with WordPress MU

I have been spending a lot of time this weekend on the backend of Explore With Me trying to find the best plugins and widgets possible for my soon to be users. Hosting other peoples blogs is going to be a massive task, not only will I have to provide support, I will also have […]

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Creating a Social Community with WordPress

When the initial idea of Explore With Me was discussed, we wanted to create a travel blog as well as allow other travellers to sign up and create their own travel blog. This is when I discovered WordPress MU. After we figured out we could host other blogs, we then decided we should create an […]

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Explore With Me & WordPress MU

After getting Explore With Me up and running a few weeks back I pretty much had to start all over again when I decided I wanted to use WordPress MU instead of the standard version. WordPress MU has the ability to host endless numbers of blogs on the site – the way sites such as […]

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