Watching Hulu in Australia

By now most people have heard of Hulu, and most non-tech-savvy Australian’s know that they are unable to watch it. There has been speculation that it is coming to Australia soon, but we have been hearing about it for over a year and nothing seems to be definite. Even if it does arrive one day, what restrictions will it have? I doubt we will have the same service as the USA due to local licensing and other factors that will prevent us being able to watch current television.

Our options for up to date TV are limited in Australia. We have TV shows airing here when the current season has already finished in the USA. By the time we get into some shows they have already been cancelled in the US. We have a handful of free to air networks that fill a 30 minute time slot with as many commercials as they can fit in. We have 1 pay TV provider that has as many commercials as free TV and the shows are just as out dated.

For the price of 1 months worth of Foxtel Pay TV I can get an entire years worth of TV from the US that is up to date, has minimal commercials and I can watch my shows whenever I want to.

For the past year I have been watching Hulu and other US-based network shows using a VPN from StreamingVPN. There are plenty of other VPN’s you can use, some of them are free and others you have to pay for. I have only used StreamingVPN, which costs around $80 per year. In simple terms, a VPN is remote server. In this case, StreamingVPN allows me to connect to a server based in the USA giving Hulu and other network websites the impression I am in the US, meaning I can bypass any location restrictions.

So all you need to do is…

  1. Ensure you have a good internet connection. I have Bigpond Cable which is pretty quick. The speed will also determine the video quality, so the better the connection the better the picture.
  2. Visit StreamingVPN and sign up – you can choose to sign up for 1 month or 12. 1 year is about $80.
  3. Configure the VPN on your computer. Instructions can be found on the StreamingVPN website or your VPN provider.

Once you have completed the above steps all you need to do is sign-up to Hulu and start watching. You can download the Hulu Desktop which is a great app and means you don’t have to visit the Hulu website each time you want to watch something. Other than Hulu, check out, The History Channel and NatGeoTV for shows that aren’t available on Hulu.

You can do the above for UK television too. Instead of selecting the USA servers, choose the UK and you can get access to BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4 on Demand and more.

Next time I’ll detail my entire lounge room setup.


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