What is Google PR?

Since I started this blog last week I have been doing alot reading about Search Engine Optimization and trying to get my blog listed in Google’s search results. A word that keeps on popping onto my screen is Page Rank, or PR.

Being new to blogging and website marketing, I had no idea what it meant, and even less of an idea of how to improve my Page Rank.

If you’re like me and want to trying improve your Page Rank to try to drive hits to your site, then here is a quick explanation for us dummies.

So what is Page Rank?

Page Rank is a numeric value that Google places on your site. The value represents how important your site is, and how it will appear in search results. When one page links to another, Google considers it as a “vote”. The more votes a page has, the more important it must be. Aside from looking at votes, Google analyses the page that casts the vote, and the more important the casting vote is, will be taking into account when determining that pages Page Rank.

How do I improve my PR?

So over the next week or so I am going to be working on trying to build some contacts with other bloggers to hopefully try to get a page linked. Hopefully this will impove my current PR of -1.

If you want to check your current Google Page Rank, visit http://www.whatsmypagerank.com

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