What Now?

So, it is now April 2013 and I haven’t updated this blog in over a year. At the beginning of each year for the past 3 I have written a new blog post stating that I’ll be better at posting, however it seems to only happen for a few months and then I do nothing with this blog again!

I logged in here today to take a look at some comments that have been left and as usual I check the stats and see what has been going on in the year since I was here last. Plenty of comments over the past 12 months, mostly relating to the Magento cache issue I posted about back in 2011. This post still gets 20-30 hits a day which isĀ surprising. Google Adsense is making me about 30c a month! Since 2008 I have ad almost 40,000 hits which isn’t too bad considering.

I still have FOODO and am about to start another web based business. That will also be a Magento based site and I am expecting the usual problems associated with it so you might get me posting a few things here and there when I run into issues. My wife and I also created a new blog to document the upcoming renovations to our house. You can find that here. Other than that there is nothing really to report.

Hopefully I’ll find a purpose for this blog, otherwise I’ll just post here once or twice a year when I remember to!

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